Welcome to Rayong

A few hours by bus south from Bangkok (about two hours by taxi) you can find Rayong coast. This is the Thai’s own vacation paradise. There are long, beautiful beaches and a nice relaxing atmosphere.
In Rayong and Ban Phe you find the genuine Thailand, it is ideal for those who want to experience the local Thai daily life, at the same time have a relaxing holiday. Thanks to many Thais are spending their vacation here, prices are lower than many other areas in Thailand.
Most tourists who go to Rayong, Ban Phe is just here to take the ferry from Ban Phe to the tourist island of Koh Samet, the rest of us often end up west or east of the village of Ban Phe, or Mae Phim. Here, tourism is not as well developed as in the larger and more (in)famous tourist resorts. Here it’s the opposite, you have a great chance to encounter the “real” Thailand.

This part of Thailand is most famous for its long, beautiful and, on weekdays, almost deserted sandy beaches. There is absolutely no risk of having to jostle with a bunch of other tourists because the beach is so long.

It is not particularly a lot of tourists here, and during the low season the beach can almost feel a little desolate. Beach vendors are not the same as in tourist resorts either, those that are, are addressed to the Thais and selling fruit, lottery tickets and other items at low prices. There is not partying in the same way as tourist resorts with loud bars etc. although it is not difficult to find a caraoke party.
Rayong, Ban Phe, is in other words, perfect for those who want complete relaxation on your holiday. There is much to explore, if you choose to go to the tourist island of Koh Samet over a weekend or a day, and experience the normal tourist Thailand with all that comes with that… Those who come here to the mainland is still more aimed at experience things that Thai people hold in high regard, and that is to be by the sea with their loved ones, while eating plenty, and often ending the evening at an evening fireplace amongst good friends.
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What is Songthaew?

Songthaew is Thai minibus taxi with two bench seats fixed along either side of the back of the truck and many colors, usually Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White and Orange. Songthaews are used both within towns and cities and for longer routes between towns and villages.Songthaew is cheapest fares of taxi in Thailand.

How to use Songthaews?

Songthaew have place to stop waiting for passenger if you don’t know where is it just waiting on the side of the road when you see it’s coming raise your hand to signal like when you call taxi When it stops, hop in the back and grab a seat on one of the benches, press the buzzer inside the cab when you reach the destination, After the songthaew stops, walk around to the driver’s side window to pay for your ride. The fares up to how far you go the driver will tell you how much.

Songthaew routes in Rayong

It’s many songthaew in Rayong this is some of Songthaew that parking at Rayong bus station 1, when arrived at destination place songthaew will go back to bus station 1 in the same way.The fare is based on the distance.

The meaning of the abbreviation

BST = Bus station Rayong have 2 bus station then it will be BST#1 and BST#2
H = Hospital
RH = Rayong hospital
TH = Tapong hospital
RPH = Ruampat Rayong Hospital
C = Condominium
RS = Resort

Colors Routes Fares Time
Red BST#1 / laemtong department store 10 baht 5 a.m - 7 p.m
Red BST#1 / BST#2 15 baht 5.30 a.m - 7 p.m
Red BST#1 / Lotus / laemtong / HomePro / Banchang 10 - 20 baht 5 a.m - 6 p.m
Red BST#1 / Lotus / laemtong / HomePro / Maptaput 10 - 15 baht 6 a.m - 6.20 p.m
Sky blue BST#1 / Nong phaknam / ban nong kham 15 - 30 baht 6 a.m - 6 p.m
Sky blue BST#1 / RH / Mae rampung beach / C:seasandsun / C:vip / C:royel / Rs:vip / Khao laem ya / Nai rai 10 - 25 baht 6 a.m - 6 p.m
White BST#1 / RH / Mae rampung beach / C:seasandsun / White stone 10 - 20 baht 5 a.m - 6 p.m
White BST#1 / RH / Wat Chang Chon 10 - 20 baht 6 a.m - 6 p.m
Dark navy blue BST#1 / Park nam / wat pradoo / Laem Charoen 15 baht 24 hours
Dark navy blue BST#1 / RH / TH /Tapong market / /Ban Phe 10 - 25 baht 6 a.m - 6 p.m
Dark navy blue BST#1 / RH / TH /Tapong market / Ban Phe - Lammaephim 10 - 40 baht 6 a.m - 6 p.m
Yellow BST#1 / klang / Samyan 10 - 35 baht 6 a.m - 7.30 a.m
White BST#1 / Nikom / central plaza / Big C, Makro 10 - 32 baht 6.30 a.m - 8 p.m
White BST#1 / RH / TH /Tapong market / suan son beach / wangkaew / santiwan 10 - 35 baht 6 a.m - 6 p.m
White BST#1 / RPH / Koloi / Bantasid 10 - 40 baht 5 a.m - 7 p.m