Thais are generally very open and receive tourists. Here in Rayong, it’s still quite un-touristed and you meet the real Thailand ..
It is not in the nature of Thai to tell others what is right and wrong, but they assume that you have the respect to behave like you behave in your own country and that you respect their customs. This also applies to how to dress.
You take off the shoes before entering a temple. The feet are considered unclean and must not be turned against people, Buddha figures or temples. The foot should be on the ground. You should not touch Buddha statues or historical monuments. It is also not allowed to photograph everywhere. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to where this is allowed. You should also not touch or pose in front of Buddha figures.
In Thailand, it is considered unworthy not to be able to master your feelings. That is, you as a tourist should not show anger or be upset. With a smile you will come a long way, here in Thailand!
You should not touch a Thai head because the hair is considered holy.
In addition, you should wear appropriate clothes that do not show too much skin in public areas. In temples, both men and women should wear clothes that also cover the shoulders and knees. Please put on something instead of bikini or swimwear when you go and eat lunch at a restaurant

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