It is easy to find good, nice restaurants and chill in seafood as the Thai themselves do. They order in many dishes set in the middle of the table, then enjoy the food together. Shrimp, crab, grilled fish …. Keep in mind that the food may be well-spiced, so if you are sensitive ask Pet noi for safety, which means a little strong, or may be pet (not strong).

Along the beach between the aquarium and the fish market there are several really good fish restaurants, where Ban Talay (home to the sea) is a favorite. In the evening, Ban Phe changes and the food carts roll out, the chairs are set up and Spartan restaurants open. Genuine Thai food.

Outside the entrance to VIP Chain Resort, Pama’s serves good Thai food and some European dishes, good food and free beach chairs at the beach. Going a few minutes to the right from the resort you will find Thanom kitchen which is one of the most famous and popular restaurants on Mae Ramphung beach. European food and Thai food are served at the beach or restaurant.

Within the shopping malls you will find most often a so-called Food court where many Thai eaters eat when they shop cheap. Here you do not usually pay with cash, but pay with a card that you re-pick with any amount.

You will find more restaurants in our popular map of Rayong and Ban

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