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Yes there are a number of shops. Big C, Makro in Ban Phe and Tesco supermarket (not huge, but has all essential needs).
Inside Rayong is the big Tesco, a few minutes away from the bus station and market, also you have tops in Central Plaza, and Big C in Laemthong, and also next to Central Plaza.
Ban Phe has a new Makro store (here is almost everything that might be needed) before Tesco Lotus inside the village, where Suan Son Beach begins, Big C is on the other end of Ban Phe (closer to Mae Raemphung beach). A small mini Tesco only a short distance from Condochain VIP and VIP Chain Resort.
Big C is a major retailer that is in Rayong and Ban Phe. They have slightly lower prices than Tesco, there is food, clothing, housewares, appliances and technology gadgets (two stores in Rayong). Do you have your own car or order a taxi there is the big Makro worth a visit, located at Road nr 3, outside of Rayong. This Makro is where restaurant owners buy food to their restaurants. Lower prices and very good quality meat

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