Eastern Swedish School
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The School

Welcome to Eastern Swedish School- A Swedish holiday school with children’s club during the Christmas holidays!
The academic year 2019/2020
Do you feel that your child’s ten free school days per school year are not enough? Would your family feel good about taking a little longer break from the squirrel wheel and gathering power in a relaxing environment, a so-called “Thai”? Do you want your child to have an unforgettable experience where you combine school in an attractive holiday environment?

Whatever your plans, you now have the chance! We are a holiday school that works entirely from the student’s home school and follows the planning that is desired. If you go with us for an extended period, we have close contact with the home school during your stay so that the student is exactly in phase (or usually further ahead), when you come home again.

Our Story

It started with two adventurous entrepreneurs with families, caught up in the real Thailand, where the opportunity to live one day
at a time, reflecting and having more time to spend with family and friends, attracted more than just a few weeks.

Already in 2010, Martin Fredriksson began to explore the possibilities of starting a school. He worked on the project himself, until January
2011, when he and Lars-Eric Uneståhl decided to work together for a Swedish school for their children. The collaboration was ongoing
for two academic years, but unfortunately Lars-Eric, as a very popular lecturer and coach, did not have the time needed to continue in the project.

Martin has since continued the school together with his Thai wife Napaphan and has been very pleased with the development
school done over the years that have passed. As Martin’s own children have grown older and even the Thai part of the family has moved to Sweden,
so Martin has for some time been looking for someone new who wants to take over the property and continue to develop the school business.


In the coming academic year (19/20), the school will therefore be owned and run by two new entrepreneurs and enthusiasts! Göran and Marie


Our ambition

Our ambition is to create a family-friendly school where you as a student and your individual needs are the focus. We want you to become rich in knowledge and social exchanges and that physical exercise should become a natural part of your life.

Our goal is that you, as a student with us in every given situation, should feel an inner security, understand to appreciate each other’s differences, and maintain a positive attitude and curiosity even later in life.

We follow the Swedish curriculum and can offer a high educational density (max. 12 school pupils per teacher). The preschool and school premises with physical activity in Thailand are open during 2019/2020 from October 28 to March 27. If there is a desire or need for longer schooling (Sept, Oct, April, May) then we can have dialogue about possible. online distance learning. Contact us by mail or phone for more information on this arrangement.