Eastern Swedish School

In Ban Phe Rayong, the school has been established for children between 2-15 years since 2011. Teachers are competent and hold identification and having experience of working in Sweden several years and of course working on the Swedish curriculum. The classes have a maximum of 12 students per classroom / teacher, which means they can individualize learning and see each individual based on their level of knowledge. It is a small family drive, where many experience a high level of comfort, fellowship and joy, both for students / educators and parents.

For the 2017/2018 academic year they also offer after school activities, children's clubs at Christmas holidays and also the opportunity for Finnish-speaking students to go.

From our resort there is a school bus to the Swedish school in Ban phe.

When you rent accommodation at Rayong.nu you live in high standard accommodation, several pools area and close to the sea. If you live for a longer period, it is often estimated to live centrally in the resort of Rayong. Proximity to the 12 km long beach, fishing village of Ban Phe and the province of Rayong. Prices in this part of Rayong are still low on food and beverages. If you rent longer than 2 weeks, the price of your accommodation will be discounted.

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Who are we who started the ESS?

It started with me, Martin, and my mom bought a house from Ban Phe even though none of us had ever been to Thailand. A real "stoll sample" one might think, but when I was down there the first time with family in autumn 2008 as we fell away. For the real Thailand, for tranquility, for the opportunity to live one day at a time, for the opportunity to reflect and for the opportunity to really spend time with family and friends.

Already in 2010, I began to explore the possibilities of starting a school, but then the timing is not right. I budged project on yourself until January 2011, when Lars-Eric Uneståhl and I decided to cooperate. We did this for two academic years, but unfortunately, Lars-Eric, who is very popular lecturer and coach, not the time that was needed to continue the project. I run because the school itself now with my wife Phung.
I hope that you will love Thailand as much as I do.More info.

What makes the school unique?

The school and kindergarten has shared premises over five kilometers east of Ban Phe on the road to Mae Phim

An important part of an effective learning consists of parental interest and involvement.

Just as a lack of interest by the parents can be a powerful disincentive can also incorrectly commitment to become a stressor and a drag (IFR. Some "sports parents' or the situation in China where" the one child policy "has caused strong pressure many children in school (especially boys). We therefore intend to invite parents to discussions on how best to help their children to - and support their children - a development of both "body and soul".

We want our students to learn for life, not for school.More info.